Insurance and Risk Management for Transportation Companies

High-performing trucking companies are taking more control of their risk. 

DE-RISKING = Better Insurance



All trucking companies want to lower their cost of insurance. But what is the best way to do that?

We've found that DE-RISKING - the act of identifying and addressing the hidden risks in your business - is what top trucking companies rely on to reduce their total cost of risk.





We're helping trucking companies take more ownership of their risk.

We work with transportation companies to build their health care strategy - with a focus on managing costs and delivering the coverage that your employees want. 


A few years ago, we set out on a mission to determine how prevalent insurance dependency is in the trucking industry – and why companies were unable to break-free.

THIS IS WHAT WE FOUND: Many trucking executives feel like they don’t have control over their insurance costs. Even when they perform well, insurance companies demand a rate increase. 

We wrote this book as a guide to help trucking companies break free from insurance dependency.


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