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Acrisure Cyber Services offers an all-in-one cybersecurity risk mitigation and response solution to help make sure your business is protected. Infused with deep-rooted domain knowledge and expertise in both Cybersecurity and Cyber Insurance, Acrisure Cyber Services delivers unsurpassed speed-to-value by leveraging modern AI (artificial intelligence) techniques and cloud-native architecture to help minimize risk. 


The Acrisure Cyber Service suite of tools helps protect your organization.


Email Security

Utilizing advanced AI-based security, our solution offers detection and prevention against threats to your business with: Phishing Monitoring, Impersonation Defense, Account Takeover Protection

Advanced Anti-Virus
With more sophistication threats to your business, cyberattacks are causing more business disruptions and financial loss than ever. Our anti-virus solution offers: Ransomware Protection via Behavioral AI, Real-Time Threat Prevention, 24/7 Managed Detection & Response
Vulnerability Management
To help protect against a cyberattack, it is important for businesses to identify where to focus the risk mitigation. Our vulnerability assessment and monitoring solution include: Real-Time Risk Prioritization, Cloud, Virtual and Container Assessment, Accelerated Vulnerability Remediation
Secure Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
To avoid data being lost or a major business disruption, it is important for businesses to have the right data backups and disaster recovery plan. Acrisure Cyber Services can help businesses with: Data backup to a private or public cloud and disaster recovery for critical IT systems
Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)
Seamlessly integrated with our vulnerability management solution, our SIEM solution is designed to keep businesses steps ahead of sophisticated cyber attackers. Our SIEM solution gives you the ability to: Easily Spot Anomalous Activity or Threats, Speed Up Investigations and Response via Automation, Know How to Respond via Built-on Detections Library, Leverage Internal and External Threat Intelligence
Security Awareness Training
Cybersecurity awareness training is an effective way to educate employees on how to identify and avoid potential cyber security threats. Our Security Awareness Training solution: Offers Videos, Phishing Simulations and Games to Ensure Employment Engagement, Teaches employees how to avoid being tricked by cyber criminals, and Enhances Overall Cybersecurity Posture



Cyber Insurance Solutions


Cyber risk is an exposure that modern businesses cannot escape, and the financial impact of cybercrime, business interruption, and privacy events are now felt within all industries. With solutions designed for businesses of all sizes, Acrisure Cyber Services provides access to cutting-edge, innovative insurance coverage to help protect against the very real and growing threats of the digital age.

  • Access to market-leading cyber coverage
  • Award-winning cyber claims service
  • Risk management tools for no additional cost

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