"In 2024, 'nothing' claims can become six figure claims before you know it."



Effective claim management looks very different today than 5 years ago. Today’s liability claim requires more vigilance, speed and strategy.

  • The lifecycle of a claim from [incident > reported > claim # assigned > adjuster action] needs to happen way faster than it used to. A delayed response or action can exponentially increase the cost of the claim.
  • Small claims that used to be “nothing” claims can evolve to large losses. i.e. mirror gets knocked off in backing incident & $500k settlement as result
  • Judicial hellholes are no more. The large losses know no borders & are happening everywhere. There’s too much money being made for predatory lawyers to only reside in certain areas.
  • Using engineering to combat claims is a big deal and a great way to go on offense



When all else fails and a plaintiff attorney files suit, your preparation and strategy can be the key to preventing a large verdict. 

  • When a claimant refuses to settle and a plaintiff attorney takes on the case, your preparation can be the difference between a good and bad outcome. The law firm of Scopelitis will discuss the best ways to proactively prepare for a lawsuit, as well as best practices for your team as the lawsuit unfolds.




This workshop is for transportation company leaders and executives, as well as anyone involved in claims management.


The workshop will take place Thursday, May 16, 2023 from 9:00am-Noon. 


The workshop will take place at The DE-RISKING Center: 16805 W. Cleveland Ave., New Berlin, WI. 


Led by industry experts on both claims management and claims litigation, we will address claims management from both the quick response as well as the settlement processes. 

Meet the Workshop Presenters 

John L

John Liberatore 
(Founder of Primacy Risk Services)

Mr. Liberatore is the Founder and President of Primacy Risk Services, Primacy Investigations and Primacy Case Management™.

The focus for Primacy is at once the inefficiencies in the insurance industry that drives up costs as well as exaggerated and pre-existing injury claims that a Policyholder becomes liable to pay through an ineffective insurance carrier or TPA.

Mr. Liberatore has worked in the Risk and Claim Management areas since 1979. He has held various Risk Management positions as Employee and Consultant. By way of his consulting practice he has served as Subject Matter expert in matters involving Liberty Mutual (3 separate litigated cases with different Plaintiffs), ESIS, Broadspire, TREND PEO, and Tristar.

He has developed and continues to refine the most efficient and effective claim mitigation model which, at its core, is highly adept at cost-effectively effectively challenging unrelated injury claims presented by liberal physicians and enterprising plaintiff attorneys.

Liberatore has proven through benchmarking that Primacy’s model, when applied consistently, reduces both Frequency and Severity over 40% in Liability and Workers’ Compensation.Primacy will often apply a cost-effective, science-based engineering solution to defeat claims of injury in low speed collisions as well as determining causation and challenging mechanism of injuries.

Liberatore continues to perform in-depth Claim Audits in Workers’ Compensation and Commercial Auto in order to identify inefficiencies in the claim handling process that results in higher litigation, medical, indemnity and expenses. He is credited with reducing costs (Workers’ Compensation and Commercial Auto) by greater than forty percent (40%) for several firms.


Steve Stanaszak
(Partner at Scopelitis)

Steven Stanaszak focuses on trial court litigation of catastrophic injury, disfigurement, wrongful death claims, and the defense of employment-related claims against employers. His litigation experience also involves:

  • Coordinating emergency response accident investigation
  • Reconstruction and evidence preservation
  • Comprehensive pre-suit claim analysis and valuation for catastrophic injury claims

His transportation practice also includes assisting motor carriers in defense of cargo liability claims, including damaged cargo, personal injury, and collection of freight charges. In addition, Stanaszak has a wide range of experience as a trial lawyer handling matters involving medical negligence, nursing home abuse, construction defects, and toxic tort claims.

Regardless of the type of claim, Stanaszak focuses on assisting clients with an efficient and effective resolution of their disputes before and after a lawsuit is filed.

Steve is a member of numerous trucking industry organizations including the Trucking Industry Defense Association, the Transportation Lawyers Association, and the National Transportation Employee Relations Association. He also serves as a member of the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association Board of Directors.


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